White Gummy – Juicy Bar JB15000 Pro Max Vape


Indulge in the sweet sophistication of “White Gummy Juicy Bar JB15000 Pro Max Vape.”. Brought to you by Juicy Bar, this delightful flavor is a playful twist on the classic white gummy candy, offering a vaping experience that’s both whimsical and satisfying.

With an expansive 19-mL capacity and the cutting-edge Super Dual Mesh Coil, each draw from this vape masterpiece delivers over 15,000 puffs of White Gummy bliss. Enjoy the 5.0% nicotine strength, which guarantees a perfect balance of flavor intensity and works in conjunction with the strong 900mAh battery for prolonged enjoyment.

Take command of your vaping escapade with the built-in LED screen display, which provides real-time updates on your device’s performance. The convenience of USB-C rechargeability ensures swift and cable-free charging.